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July 2019  Athletic and Activities Director Joel Zimba

August 2019 Football


Meet our new Athletics & Activities Director Joel Zimba!

Joel Zimba

Dear Wildcats,

From the moment I stepped foot at Verona Area High School, I knew there was simply no other place like it. The tightknit feel between students and the faculty and the magical school spirit just reassured why becoming the next Athletics and Activities Director for Verona Area High School is an honor and a dream come true.

For any athletics and activities department to have an opportunity to build and sustain a culture of success, there must be strong vision and leadership from the top, and Principal Hammen is precisely the type of leader that an athletics and activities director dreams of working for. To execute this level of success within my role, I have to stay true to my core values:

Teamwork: remove obstacles from the paths of our students and coaches so that they can shine.

Accessibility: ensure that each student is maximizing their academic and extracurricular experience to help propel them to success after they graduate. This entails developing a relationship with our students, being present in their lives, and creating an inclusive environment in which their opinion matters as much as mine.

Judgment: decisions are based on judgment, and judgment is based on experience. If we are to reach our full potential, it will require the collective expertise and knowledge of everyone within the Wildcats community. It is my job to channel all of that intellectual capital into processes that help us move closer to achieving our goals.

Service: service to others is an unavoidable part of being a good citizen of any community. Wildcats will embrace their brothers and sisters in the community and give back in ways that will serve as an example for extracurricular programs everywhere.

I am positive that with the help of Principal Hammen, the coaches, teachers, administrators, students, parents, community, and the building blocks already in place by Mr. Kryka, we will make Verona Area High School one of the most successful and intertwined programs in the country when it comes to excelling academically, athletically, and culturally.

Above all, I am humbled for the opportunity, and am excited to meet and begin working with students who carry with them the hopes and dreams of themselves, their families, the school, and the community. This new generation of students wants their voices heard, and their influence felt. My office is always open for students that need help, advice, or just someone to listen.

While we will face challenges in our mission to continue the rich tradition of Verona Area High School athletics and activities and transform other areas, we will accomplish incredible feats due to the high resolve and resilience of those in the Wildcats community, doing whatever it takes to see things through and ensure the success of all students.


Verona Area High School currently offers 22 athletics programs to our students. Each program consists of a varsity team, junior varsity team and in some cases include multiple freshman teams. Our coaching staff consists of 75 coaches passionate about sports and students.

Athletes must complete a physical examination, a concussion release, and an emergency contact form to participate in these activities. An athletic fee is also required, which varies depending on the number of sports a student participates in and how many family members are involved.

Verona Area High School welcomes you to our athletic website. We remind you that interscholastic events are an extension of the classroom, and lessons are best learned when respect is shown to all.

Please, show good sportsmanship during games and show respect for coaches, players, officials, and fans.

Cheer for your team and not against the opposing team. Avoid profanity, racist; sexist; or ethnic comments; or other intimidating or taunting actions. Let the coaches coach, the officials officiate and the players play.

Enjoy Verona Area High School sports!

Admission Prices:

Adults $5.00
Students $3.00

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